Aurora Fireworks at Nutfield Priory Wedding Fair!

Aurora Fireworks at Nutfield Priory Wedding Fair!

Aurora Fireworks is a family run business, based in West Sussex, England. The company has been operating for over 10 years, employing over 20 pyrotechnicians during peak periods and carrying out up to 13 displays on a single night! 

Cumulatively the company has nearly 100 years fireworks experience. Last year was our biggest ever despite the economic climate, carrying out well over 100 shows, 57 of which were within 3 weeks over the November period. Our show at the Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh was voted one of the top 10 in the UK.

Obviously Health and Safety has always been an important area, not just with regards to fireworks. Thats why our staff members attend a Firework Training day annually with our Health and Safety Expert onsite who has university degrees in Fire and Safety Management (BSc hons) and Fire and Explosion Engineering (MSc Merit) as well as attending numerous courses and conferences in Pyrotechnics and Explosives Safety, even giving a lecture at the University of Leeds on the recent MSER (Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations) legislation. This is backed up with £10 Million public liability insurance. This knowledge and expertise allowed us to fire several prestige rooftop displays including off the top of Manchester Hilton at 50 Storeys tall (That’s 171m!)

Aurora carries out displays all over the UK and Europe, including France and Portugal. Not only this but we also have a new retail outlet to provide members of the public high quality fireworks, at a reasonable price for them to let off themselves backed up by expert advise.

We carry out firework displays for all manor of events, from corporate celebrations (For example Royal & Sun Alliance, PPP Healthcare, The Financial Times, Bank of England and the Novartis Group to name a few), product launches, birthday parties, weddings to funerals or concerts (Such as the Royal Philharmonic at Ewhurst Polo Club in Surrey).

We focus on high impact shows, using a variety of different pyrotechnic devices from Roman Candles, Batteries to Mortar Shells. However we have also developed low noise and quiet shows for venues with noise issues such as environmentally protected sites, local animals or the nearby general public.

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